About House of Brick

Far too often, a company’s IT staff must focus its attention on operational situations while other vital projects like installs, upgrades, and software implementation get put on the back burner. It’s time to let House of Brick Technologies turn up the heat. The professionals at House of Brick are skilled at all forms of managed services, scalable architecture, project planning and component integration, and backup and disaster recovery. Experienced consultants and mentors, we connect the business management and the project management elements, providing you the continuity necessary for success. We make budgets work, reduce risk, and eliminate the element of surprise. At House of Brick, we have been saving our clients time and money for more than a decade.

History of House of Brick

Our story began, surprisingly, not with the Three Little Pigs, but with three friends from Omaha. The House of Brick team was originally assembled as a performance and integration team. We adopted the name "Product Integration Group", which rolled up nicely to PIG. Our executive management at the time was less than comfortable with PIG for a prominent, customer-facing team. The name, however, survived a couple attempts by management to change it. Customers loved it in our observation. When we went independent in 1998, we failed at coming up with a professional sounding name that integrated "pig" or "swine". We finally came up with "House of Brick", invoking the three little pigs fairy tale. The name forwarded our team pride into our new organization. Quite unintentionally, "House of Brick" happens to convey the stability and reliability of the system stacks we have architected or reviewed.