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The House of Brick blogs, especially those by our senior level consultants, have been greatly received and well read. We are happy to be able to share this level of information with our friends in the industry. Starting soon, House of Brick will expand our blog roll to include many more contributors. These will include technical, business, sales, and industry insights and perspectives.

Thank you for supporting House of Brick.

Dave Welch, CTO 

Dave Welch is a co-founder of House of BrickTechnologies. He serves as House of Brick’s CTO & Chief Evangelist. He has been a key facilitator in the on-going right sizing of millions of dollars of hardware and software. Dave combines Oracle and VMware’s industry-leading technologies for the optimization of DR, HA, operations, and the significant optimization of the product development lifecycle. He pioneered the use of virtualization for the delivery of Oracle University Partner-provided RAC classes. Dave is in-demand as an Oracle VBCA architect, and has a reputation for enabling the masses with no strings attached.

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Principal Architects and Consultants

At House of Brick, our Principal Architects have experience as Oracle DBAs, SQL Server DBAs, Unix system administrators and network administrators. They have extensive experience installing, configuring and troubleshooting VMware Infrastructure, optimizing Tier 1 business critical applications in VMware Infrastructure, configuring Oracle RDBMS and Oracle Application Server in VMware Infrastructure.

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