House of Brick and Oracle Solutions

Oracle is the clear leader in the data management and applications software powering most enterprises in the world. With massive experience in Oracle DB, middleware, and applications, House of Brick is your partner of choice for keeping your business critical systems performing well. Our expertise in every physical or virtual Unix, Linux, or Windows-based platform that Oracle runs on allows us to provide our customers with the most appropriate architectures for their needs.

Consulting Services

House of Brick provides an array of consulting services, all focused on Oracle and Unix Technologies. Contact us for:

  • Emergency or Triage Services
  • Performance Tuning
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Audit
  • Operational Readiness Validation
  • Data Warehouse Services
  • System or Database Architecture Design or Review
  • Database Migrations or Upgrades
  • Hardware Purchase Review or Justification
  • On-Site Mentoring
  • OS, Middleware, and Database Integration
  • System Load and Stress Testing
  • Backup/Recovery/Failover Strategies
  • Storage Optimization

Have an Oracle issue that you don't see listed here? Contact us for a free consultation. If it's Oracle, we're your team!

Simplify Your Licensing Options

Purchasing Oracle Database or Application Server license can be confusing, or even frustrating at times, not to mention expensive. An error in a license purchase can be very costly - requiring additional time and funds to repair. Let House of Brick help: Oracle Certified Sales Associates who can review your existing license and advise on the least expensive license strategy Compliance issues and license minimums will be checked against Oracle's latest license and services agreement to insure your choices won't trip red flags at Oracle Optional Enterprise Infrastructure Audit will identify under-utilized systems and suggest new strategies to deploy license and serversAs an Oracle Certified Partner, House of Brick is authorized to resell Oracle Database and Application Server licenses - contact us for a quote. Our one-on-one customer service can change license purchasing from a dreaded chore to an enjoyable event.

 Case Studies

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