House of Brick and VMware Solutions

House of Brick is the recognized industry leader in the virtualization of the most business-critical systems on VMware. Having consulted with dozens of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as many SMB enterprises, House of Brick has the experience and expertise to make the virtualization of your business-critical applications and systems successful. House of Brick provides an array of consulting services focused on virtualization with VMware technologies. Contact us for:

  • House of Brick key service value components
  • Hybrid/private cloud architectures for complex tier-1 workloads
  • Legacy to virtualization, and private/hybrid cloud system replatforming
  • Oracle and SQL Server virtualization specialties
  • Oracle license review & optimized utilization
  • Short term assessments and proof-of-concept projects
  • Long-term project analysis, PM, implementation, & validation

7 Reasons to Virtualize Business Critical Systems

1. Cost Reduction — This comes in the form of both CapEx reductions from hardware and hardware-based software licensing, and OpEx reductions from improved manageability, shorter app dev cycles, improved QA, etc.

2. Near 100% Reliable Disaster Recoverability — Historical recovery from a disaster is lacking. VMware virtualization provides near 100% recoverability.

3. Product Release Cycle Optimization — Fast and complete environment cloning; isolated test environments; quick server provisioning; improved development server management, etc.

4. High Availability (HA) — HA for business critical workloads is not a nicety, it is critical. VMware HA works with or in place of traditional HA tools.

5. Application/DB License Optimization — Load up the hardware with more Oracle or other workloads without paying for more hardware-based licenses; comingle pre-production and production workloads on the same servers; optimize DR licensing.

6. Production Error Capture — When there is a production problem, create a snapshot (after a brief down) to capture the reproducible error state. That production capture can then be triaged and diagnosed in a safe environment.

7. Security Considerations — Complete isolation between systems on the same host; smaller attack target footprint; processor-based VM security assist; randomization of executable locations; Dynamic Binary Translation; zero-based memory; storage isolation between VM’s that prevents wide-scale data corruption; virtual switches less vulnerable to MAC spoofing, random frame, and other types of attacks; etc.